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Taxi 5311 Smartphone App - Here’s how it works

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Download app & one-off user registration

    • Open app store (smartphone), then search for ‘Taxi 5311’ application
    • Install ‘Microtek Taxi 5311’ free of charge
    • Start application by selecting x–icon on smartphone desktop
    • Enter your first name, family name and mobile phone number
    • Users are then sent a 4-digit access code by SMS
    • Insert access code in the appropriate field of the registration mask



    The Terms and Conditions of Use for the smartphone application can be pulled up by going to the ‘Conditions’ section.


    Ordering a taxi (in advance)

    • Click on ‘Adresse’ in upper toolbar
    • Insert address and ‘Vorbestellen’ (define time of day and date) or ‘Bestellen’
      Order taxi at your current location (without entering an address)
    • Click on ‘Find me!’ in upper toolbar
    • Order taxi using ‘Taxi Button’



    Explanation of app symbols


    Upper Toolbar:

    • „Adresse": Definition of pick-up address and order time
    • „Favoriten": Selection of individual addresses from address list saved by user
    • „Finde Mich!": positioning of location via GPS (for ordering at location)


    Lower Toolbar:

    • „Taxi": Taxi is being ordered
    • „Bestell-Liste": Overview list of own taxi orders
    • „Vorbestellung": Overview list of own advance taxi orders
    • „Favoriten": Personal address list. This list can be added to using the ‘Add’ section


    GPS Positioning

    • Click on ‘Finde mich!’ button in upper toolbar.



    The position of the user is shown on the map by a blue bullet. You can change the pick-up address by moving your finger across the display. The changed address is shown by a yellow bullet.