Because we can do more than just driving Taxi


Get the new Taxi 5311 App – The smart way to travel through Innsbruck

Calling a taxi or booking in advance has never been as easy and transparent in Innsbruck. Simply download the free app and create an account.


How the app Works

  • The app recognizes the location immediately (unless location services on the mobile phone are deactivated)
  • Type in the destination address
  • Chose to order or pre-order a taxi
  • The estimated fare for the shortest possible route is displayed
  • The route taken by the taxi to you will be calculated
  • You can cancel for two minutes right after ordering
  • The number plate of the taxi is displayed
  • You pay in the taxi, of course also cashless


When selecting the menu item „Optionen“ users can select various criteria, to announce further needs. If you have a stroller with you, you can select “Kombi” or “bulky luggage”. If "Helping" is selected, we will send a helpful driver. It can also be announced if you have your pet with you.